Good adhesiveness to various ground materials,
flexibility, quick drying suitable for painting over,
and water-resistance and durability suitable for outdoor usages.
With these superb characteristics and rich 195 colors in
Acryl Gouache, you only have to pursue your artistic mind.

Colors you want to care,
Grounds you needn'tcare,
195 Colors

Papers of various appearances such as glossy or rough textures, and bulky quality. As papers are easy and inexpensive to handle, you can challenge whatever you wish.

You can enjoy matte finish of Acryl Gouache on a sharp brightness of the metal.

Matte finish of Acryl Gouache will enhance the quality of clay. You can keep the original color of the clay by painting thinly, and obtain subtle nuance.

As Acryl Gouache stays on wood very well, you can exploit full potential of wood's shape and texture, and expand the image of your work.

You can finish water-repellent materials such as acrylic boards or plastics by multiple layering of Acryl Gouache.

You can add movement on your work by using surface texture and flexibility of cloth. Since cloth is water-absorbent, you should paint as if putting Acryl Gouache gently on it.

Brilliant colors of Acryl Gouache can be painted on stones smoothly. You can paint colors to utilize natural shape of the stone, or make patterns to enhance the expression on the stone.

Tiny accentuation on your small articles will make them your original items.

Can be painted on denims or leather, styrofoam, glass..., etc. Materials you want to paint on will be your canvases.
Note)As Acryl Gouache is not exclusively for cloth, it's not suitable for practical use.