You can mix colors as you imagine.
Containing no fluorescent pigments, Mixing series stay clear when mixed.
White exclusively for mixing purpose. Translucent white pigment of Mixing White will make clear and pure colors when
mixed with other colors.

*Opacity is lower compared with White.
Mixing White 9
Permanent Green Middle 1
3 White
2 Permanent Green Middle
As shown above, increasing Mixing White of about five times as much as White will make almost the same lightness of mixed colors. As Mixing White is easy to adjust the mixing amount, you can make mixed colors more precisely.

Exclusively for mixing purpose. Containing no fluorescent pigments, it can be painted uniformly when mixed with other colors. Mixed colors are permanent because of its lightfast quality.
Lightfastness Test Results (96 hours).
Mixing White 19 : 1 Mixing Magenta

White 4 : 1 Magenta

* Violet and Magenta place their importance on brightness of colors. Although they are less lightfast, their colors are exceptionally vivid.

[ White 4 : 1 Jet Black ]
The darkest black. As Jet Black places its importance on blackness, its mixing property is sacrificed.
[ White 19 : 1 Lamp Black ]
Most suitable for mixing. Lamp Black can be painted uniformly, and makes neutral gray when mixed with White.