Gloss Varnish  To make art work glossy

Milky-white liquid that dries to a transparent and water-resistant film. Can be used as a final coat to add gloss on art work as well as mixed with paints. The more amount you mix the varnish with a paint, the glossier, more transparent and better adhesion the paint is. Please note that Gloss Varnish is not removable once dried.
Retarder  To retard drying time

Slows the drying time of paints to enjoy a watercolor-like gradation technique or to achieve smooth surfaces without brush strokes. Please note that using too much Retarder may cause the surface tacky for one or two days.

AG Cleaner  To wash brush

Brush cleaner for Acryl Gouache. Can remove paint from brush fully and quickly without deteriorating brush. Odorless and no risk of fire. Offers an excellent washing ability for a long time.