Simple use makes
artwork attractive

≫ Dilute the paint with water in approximate ratio of 2:1 for uniform finish.

≫ For the airbrush application, add Gloss Varnish in the same amount or more to adjust color tone and enhance adhesiveness.

≫ Any kind of brushes can be used.

≫ Any kind of pallets can be used EXCEPT wooden or plastic pallets because dry paint may adhere persistently on pallets of these kinds.

≫ Before painting, degrease the surface of ground, if any, with soapy water, etc.
≫ Acryl Gouache dries in 5 - 15 minutes and becomes water-resistant. Add Retarder if you want to slow drying time. Seal the wet paint on the pallet tightly with cooking wrap, etc. if your work is suspended.

≫ For the impasto technique, use Acryl Gouache with Gel Medium (Gloss Type) or Modeling Paste (Matte Type) or use "Golden Acrylics."

≫ Use of Mixing series for color mixing will achieve more beautiful finish.

≫ Don't mix with other types of paints.
≫ Clean your brush and pallet before the paint dries. If it dries up, dip the brush and pallet in water for hours or in AG Cleaner and clean them with soapy water after the paint softens.