We invite the submission of your work for display on Acryl Gouache Gallery.

Only one requirement: Use Turner Acryl Gouache mainly. No theme required, Professional or Amateur, Flat or Solid, Anything is accpepted. Please send us your work with free imagination!!

>> Application Guideline >>
Theme Free
Qualification None required
Rule Use Turner Acryl Gouache mainly.
Using other kind of paints or art materials is accepted.
Number of exhibits One work as a rule
Fee Free
How to Apply Please send us your work via e-mail with your NAME, ADDRESSE, PHONE NUMBER, BIOGRAPHY, TITLE OF THE WORK.

: kikaku@turner.co.jp [ AG Office ]

Your work, name, and biography will be displayed on our Gallery.

Please note that depending the review by the AG Office, your wokr may not be accpepted.